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Services and Prices

Getting IPv6, IPv4 or ASN

Deploy IPv6 Now!

Get your own IPv6 Provider Independent (PI) Assignments

At the forefront of technology! Do you want to launch a modern IT infrastructure? IPv6 - it's easy!

Get your own IPv6 networks, and we will help plan and deploy your infrastructure.

The price will pleasantly surprise you! Network /48 IPv6 - 100€ single fee.

Need ASn?

Do you already have a networks? Want to announce from your organization? We will register ASn for you and get sponsoring contract for free!* It is possible to register 16bit or 32bit ASn.

* Upon payment of any object inetnum (PI or PA)

LEASE IP Allocated/Assigned PA

We offer you IPv6 / IPv4 networks for rent. ASSIGNED PA networks, official contract, registration in RIPE DB, all whois data to your organization.

  • Manage geo-location data, specify the required coordinates and country code.
  • Free DNS servers are provided for reverse zone management.
  • Configuring BGP and announcing your networks from our data center.
  • Price for rent IPv6 network /48 (280 IPv6 addresses)

    Quarterly fee Semiannual fee Annual fee
    - - 100€

    Price for rent IPv6 network /32 (296 IPv6 addresses)

    Quarterly fee Semiannual fee Annual fee
    - - 400€

    Price for rent IPv4 network /24 (256 IPv4)

    Quarterly fee Semiannual fee Annual fee
    - - o/r


    We provide a full range of services LIR, including sponsorship contract (sponsoring-org). If you are not satisfied with your current LIR, (price or quality), you can change it to any other. To do this, just email us and we will do everything as quickly as possible.

    Our price is quite competitive:

    Support for one any size PI network IPv4/IPv6 or ASN - 150€/per year.


    Do you want to buy or sell IP addresses? We help transfer IP addresses. Assistance with documents, guarantees for transactions. Check of the parties of transfer and due diligence report. Reasonable and understandable agent commission. We are a registered RIPE NCC broker.

    We work directly through major banks, or through reliable ESCROW services. 100% money-back guarantee in case of failure to register changes in the RIPE NCC database. Simple and intuitive agent contract without the pitfalls and surprises. Full transparency! No hidden commissions! No surprises!

    Our commission is only 5% of the transaction amount.


    We provide dedicated or VPS servers and colocation in the data center. Joints with major IXP (Euro-IX, DE-CIX, AMS-IX, MSK-IX, LINX). Copper or fiber ports 100Mbps / 1Gbps / 10Gbps / 40Gbps / 100Gbps. Full technical support, hardware configuration and consultation. Configuring DNS and BGP.

    Dedicated servers - 50€ / month

    VPS - 20€ / month

    Colocation 1U+400W+100Mbps - 45€ /month

    When renting a network (IPv4/IPv6) - 1U colocation + 100Mbps port are free of charge.